We want to improve mental health with citizen science
CoActuem per la Salut Mental

Co-act for Mental Health is a research project that places people with their own experience in mental health and their family environment at their heart, as co-investigators. CoAct incorporates various methodologies and knowledge such as citizen science (with a strong social and inclusive component), social sciences (inclusive search, participatory action), data science (computer systems, computational social science), programming with free software and artistic practices (drabuix and creative writing).

He seeks to understand how we relate to mental health and wants to do so through a totally innovative use of digital chat conversations in the form of chatbot. The chatbot "CoAct for Mental Health", the first citizen science chatbot, was co-designed by co-investigators and the OpenSystems group. It is based on the experiences of co-investigators, expressed in the form of microcolourates. Chatbot allows everyone to participate in scientific research, from anywhere in the world and from every individual perspective.