Open technologies

Digital Barriers: AI + ART for ACTIVISM

Not having quality access to the Internet means being excluded from society. Whether we like it or not, everything is digitized: from doing school homework, to get through paperwork with the Administration, or even contacting relatives remotely. But Internet access is not guaranteed equally to all citizens.

Although the official accounts say that the future and innovation are based on the digitization of life, social movements warn otherwise: a one-way turn towards the digitization of citizenship leaves many people behind.

Feminist epistemologies and methodologies in dialogue with research-action and digital revolution

Cap al VIII Congrés d’Economia Feminista

Quines són les visions feministes de l’economia? Dos anys després de l’arribada de la COVID-19, en un context d’acceleració digital i increment de les desigualtats socials, clarament hem vist que les persones som éssers interdependents que es necessiten els uns als altres. També s’ha evidenciat que ni la tecnologia ni les dades són neutres. Com agitem les bases de l’economia?