Open technologies

From Scratch

On the last Thursday of every month, the Toplap Barcelona collective meets for a live coding jam session where the artists have exactly 9 minutes to create their work, starting with a blank screen. At the end of the time the audience is obliged to applaud.

  • Do you want to come as an audience? Free entry
  • Want to play at the jam session? Write an email to


The battlefield of Social Networks: Meet the Fediverse

Most of our digital life is about relating and interacting with others in spaces such as social networks. But how are these spaces? The most popular social networks are owned by large companies that operate with an objective, and it does not always align with the respect for our digital rights. In fact, last December we discovered how Twitter's "public square" created blacklists to penalize the visibility of certain content and accounts. Do we have other spaces to weave these relationships?