An entire technological world to discover


From robotics to creative freedom, this winter, Canòdrom becomes the epicenter of a technological revolution that breaks barriers, redefines the meaning of success, and weaves a future where everyone plays a fundamental role.

In the coming months, we invite you to discover new horizons. We will provide you with the tools to challenge gender stereotypes, explore how to convey content with closeness and creativity through podcast creation, or promote a healthier internet with power distributed among many individuals. At Canòdrom, technological revolution is poetry, advocacy, the promise of a future built for everyone, without barriers or exclusions.

“Am I, Robot?” A Bite of Robotics and Programming for Youngsters | January 18–December 15, 17:30 – 19:00

Every Thursday, a fascinating little revolution takes place in the Hedy Lamarr Room. The workshop “Am I, Robot?”, facilitated by the technological cooperative Colectic, is an invitation to explore beyond conventional limits. With allies like Scratch, MakeyMakey, mBot, and Arduino, youngsters aged 10 to 12 have the opportunity to transform fruits into melodies and robots into problem solvers in everyday life. Explore programming and robotics with a touch of creativity from January 18 to March 28.

DWeb Meetings | January 16, February 6, March 5 | 18:00 – 19:30

Nowadays, we know that a few tech giants dominate our online world, but the internet is healthier when power is distributed because sharing is more fun. This is what Digicòria’s DWeb Meetings aim to achieve. DWeb Meetings are like secret club gatherings for decentralized web enthusiasts. As we navigate today’s internet, everything goes through big servers, like a train conductor controlling the tracks. But who likes to be controlled? Not us!

In DWeb Meetings, you’ll put on your detective glasses and have the chance to learn about how Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) protocols work, chat with the minds behind Ahau, an app created by the indigenous people of New Zealand, and reclaim the sovereignty of our routers. Ready for the ride?

Redefining Success in the Video Game Industry | January 20, 11:00 – 18:00

In a world dominated by the image of the CEO of a large company or the independent developer who becomes a millionaire overnight, FemDevs, a project based at Canòdrom, presents a unique opportunity to explore alternative ways to define success within the video game industry.

This is a series of monthly gatherings, exclusively for women and non-binary individuals, professionals, and students in the gaming industry, to explore more humble, every day, and personal perspectives of this exciting industry. If you’re interested in being part of this conversation, you can register through the official FemDevs website.

Hacking Ideation Tools. Sociogram with a Feminist Perspective | February 14, 10:00 – 11:30

In search of business management tools that truly embrace all dimensions of life? Social Alchemy invites you to decipher feminist economics in the upcoming workshop, focusing on the sociogram. Explore how to integrate diverse resources, challenges, and perspectives into your projects. A space for those looking to transform business ideation tools with a more inclusive perspective. Hack the tools, hack the norms!

Hackathon Against Digital Misogynistic Violence | February 16, 10:00 – 13:00

A hackathon is a dynamic, horizontal, and intensive initiative where participants combine their individual experiences and skills to address a specific issue. In this case, the goal is to find collective ways to raise awareness, prevent, and eradicate digital misogynistic violence. With the active participation of students from the Primary Education degree at UAB, open technology becomes an ally in the fight against digital misogynistic violence.

Participants will work in groups to develop a digital tool for reporting and socio-political impact that can be used to address this urgent issue. If you want to participate in this transformative initiative, send an email to and join the movement for a safer and more respectful internet for everyone.

Use Podcasts to Share Website Content and Build Community Bonds | February 16, 18:00 – 20:00

WordPress Barcelona is immersed in a new wave of digital creativity, exploring the transformative power of podcasting. Although podcasts have existed since 2004, they are now experiencing explosive growth, connecting creators and audiences uniquely. The event highlights the importance of providing new forms of expression for web content. In this session, you will learn to adapt to the pace of current times, express your creativity authentically, and inspire an increasingly interconnected audience.

IaxDones | February 21, 18:00 – 20:00

The session “IaxDones” emerges as a knowledge oasis, challenging gender stereotypes through games and dynamics. This workshop for women and non-binary individuals unveils the mysteries of algorithms and artificial intelligence applications, creating a safe environment for technological discovery. What are “neural networks” and “machine learning,” or even learning how we can train a machine? Factoría F5 creates a safe space, fostering discovery.

Fanzines Will Always Be Free. Digital Creation and Layout Workshop with Scribus | February 28 and 29, 18:00–20:00

The fanzine, a publication that emerges with few resources and is distributed in small quantities, is a written medium that helps explore alternative cultural topics in an agile and immediate format. Historically, it has been used to address issues that often had no place in conventional media. With the workshop, “Fanzines Will Always Be Free. Digital Creation and Layout Workshop with Scribus,” creative freedom takes shape, exploring creation from script to digital layout with the free program Scribus. A unique opportunity to discover.