In the Shadow of Pegasus. Civil Rights in the Age of Surveillance

With Anaïs Franquesa and Enric Lujan. Moderates Ignacio Orovio.
A l'ombra de Pegasus. Drets civils en l'era de la vigilància

Conversation with Anaïs Franquesa and Enric Luján. Moderates Ignacio Orovio.

The violation of the civil rights of journalists, activists and politicians by the use of the Pegasus spyware by democratic governments has raised all the media alarms. Why, despite having a legal framework that protects us from the extraction of our data, does it not defend us against the use of spyware? How have we come to give up part of our freedom in exchange for a kind of promise of security from governments?

In the age of hypervigilance, in addition to Pegasus, more and more sophisticated programs are appearing to monotonize our digital movements, with all the implications this can have on our physical lives. In the face of the invasion of rights and freedoms, what tools do we have to defend ourselves legally? What are the first technical steps to consider when you suspect that you are being monitored by spyware?

To delve into these issues we have Anaïs Franquesa, co-director of Irídia -Center for the Defense of Human Rights-, criminal lawyer specializing in human rights, social movements and international humanitarian law, as well as Enric Luján, political scientist specializing in the defense of freedom and Internet privacy. Moderator Ignacio Orovio, investigative journalist at La Vanguardia.