Indigestió Forum

The forum is a meeting which gathers very diverse people. They are to give a 5-minute speech on issues related to culture. Musicians also participate in this: they have the tempo lead the interludes.

The forum is open to everybody. It is a a place which gathers people who are interested in delving into culture as a common denominator.

Opening up and democratising culture

One of the questions that arises from spaces that generate critical and transformative cultural proposals is that of elaborating an open quality cultural proposal. Understanding cultural centres as porous spaces, permeable to what is happening in our environment is a clear political position, a commitment to understanding culture in a more holistic way.

In the Shadow of Pegasus. Civil Rights in the Age of Surveillance

The violation of the civil rights of journalists, activists and politicians by the use of the Pegasus spyware by democratic governments has raised all the media alarms. Why, despite having a legal framework that protects us from the extraction of our data, does it not defend us against the use of spyware? How have we come to give up part of our freedom in exchange for a kind of promise of security from governments?

Feminist epistemologies and methodologies in dialogue with research-action and digital revolution

Cap al VIII Congrés d’Economia Feminista

Quines són les visions feministes de l’economia? Dos anys després de l’arribada de la COVID-19, en un context d’acceleració digital i increment de les desigualtats socials, clarament hem vist que les persones som éssers interdependents que es necessiten els uns als altres. També s’ha evidenciat que ni la tecnologia ni les dades són neutres. Com agitem les bases de l’economia?