Digital culture

Right to Digital Gaming | 3rd Meeting in Defense of Digital Rights in Video Games

Video games are one of the most influential media today. However, despite being a cultural product, as well as a high-impact technological product, it has traditionally been left out of both the struggles for digital rights and the mechanisms for promoting culture and public policies, which have recently take their first steps.

Opening up and democratising culture

One of the questions that arises from spaces that generate critical and transformative cultural proposals is that of elaborating an open quality cultural proposal. Understanding cultural centres as porous spaces, permeable to what is happening in our environment is a clear political position, a commitment to understanding culture in a more holistic way.


Una esgarrifosa radiografia de la societat xinesa actual, que prioritza la productivitat i la innovació per sobre de tota la resta. Nominada al Premi a millor documental als Oscar, el Independent Spirit Awards, els Gotham Awards i el sindicat de Directors i doblement premiada a Tribeca, la pel·lícula de Jessica Kingdom funciona com un aparador. Sense judicis previs ni entrevistes personalitzades, Ascension mostra el dia a dia del país sobreplobat en la seva vessant, contradictòriament, més deshumanitzada i mecanitzada.

ISEA: International Symposium on Electronic Art

One of the most important annual events worldwide dedicated to the crossroads where art, design, science, technology and society meet. The event has been held over 26 times all over the world, and after more than 10 since it last graced European soil, it touches down in Barcelona. With it comes an enthusiastic international and local community, ready to work together to develop this interdisciplinary field.

Cute Anti-fascism. Create your memes with Proyecto UNA

The Internet gives us the freedom to create, share, know and express ourselves as we are. But hate speech and violence against women, people from the LGTBI community and non-normative bodies and identities is increasing. Luckily, memes will always be with us. How to answer or react to an attack on the Internet?

In this workshop with Proyecto UNA we provide the necessary tools to spoil the trolls' party and stop hate speech. With humor and collective work, we will learn to laugh very hard from the barricade.

Gender of Technology and Knowledge

Quines són les visions feministes de l’economia? Dos anys després de l’arribada de la COVID-19, en un context d’acceleració digital i increment de les desigualtats socials, clarament hem vist que les persones som éssers interdependents que es necessiten els uns als altres. També s’ha evidenciat que ni la tecnologia ni les dades són neutres. Com agitem les bases de l’economia?