Bit Lab

Open technologies and free culture for social transformation
Bit Lab

Bit Lab Cultural is a non-profit cooperative dedicated to implementing cultural innovation projects in the local area, with a focus on social impact. Founded in early 2017, it consists of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the fields of cultural and social innovation, audiovisual and film production, the music industry, design, and communication.

The core mission of Bit Lab Cultural is to promote culture and the arts as catalysts for social transformation, recognizing their potential to effect positive changes in society. In this regard, we are deeply committed to fostering reflection, fostering debate, and encouraging experimentation with new forms of citizen participation and alternative democratic practices. This commitment extends to both our internal operations and our engagement with the community.

Technologically, our projects are characterized by the pursuit of strategies that involve designing, prototyping, and advocating for the adoption of open-source digital technologies, particularly within the cultural and arts sectors. We actively foster the pooling of technological resources through inter-cooperation and post-capitalism, contributing to the development of a more open, collaborative, and equitable digital ecosystem.