Take the power of the data
Acte DataForGood
DataForGoodBCN was born in 2018 with the aim of helping social entities, NGOs and other non-profit organizations to seize the power of their data. In addition, it firmly believes in the importance of the dissemination of knowledge around data in order to make the impact on society and the environment visible. To achieve these goals, the project is based on the volunteering of people who engage professionally in the data sector and use part of their free time to help and advise entities of the Third Sector of Catalonia.

DataForGoodBCN's main objective is to promote the use of data science for the social and environmental good in the city of Barcelona. For this reason, DataForGoodBCN seeks volunteers to work on volunteer projects with third-sector entities to arouse interest in the use of data and to perform projects that will take the entities a step further in the exploitation of their data. It also designs and provides technical training to social entities in order to emulate them with open source eines and thus encourage the use of data once the volunteer project has finished. Finally, DataForGoodBCN collaborates closely with various entities, foundations and universities in order to spread the importance of data and its use for positive purposes for society.