Projecte resident

The objective of the Digicòria project is to promote the decentralization of the web through workshops, discussions, documentation, and the production of educational materials. This will be achieved through the creation of a permanently open forum as well as the generation of documentation produced by the initiative itself.

In the past decade, large platforms such as Google, Twitter, and Meta have taken control of the public and democratic space on the internet. They have exploited users' cognitive work through advertising, manipulation, and the extensive extraction of personal data. However, various reactions to this scenario have emerged, including the development of self-managed platforms, new peer-to-peer (P2P) communication protocols, and distributed systems for sharing files and content.

Rather than developing new alternatives for decentralization, Digicoria's role is to experiment with, promote, and raise awareness about existing free and open-source technologies. The project aims to prioritize the end users of these resources rather than the developers. Through pedagogical actions, we also aim to facilitate the creation of a community centered around these issues. This community will have a horizontal, self-managed, and gender-equal structure, primarily based on periodic and open assemblies. Additionally, knowledge sharing will take place through in-person workshops and virtual forums.