Researching social issues with citizen science
OpenSystems UB

OpenSystems is a multidisciplinary group at the University of Barcelona that emphasizes the integration of arts, public participation, and citizen science as integral components of scientific practice. We collaborate with various actors in civil society and form tailor-made research collectives to address concerns and topics primarily situated in urban environments. Our methodology is based on community processes, and we are dedicated to conducting research in a horizontal manner through innovation and public engagement.

Additionally, they have developed the CoActuamos por la Salud Mental project. This research initiative places individuals with personal experience in mental health and their families as co-researchers at its core. CoActuamos combines diverse methodologies and knowledge, including citizen science with a strong social and inclusive dimension, social sciences encompassing inclusive research and participatory action research, data science involving complex systems and computational social science, programming with open-source software, and artistic practices such as drawing and creative writing.