Dialogues and hybrid deliberation in the face of the power of (mis)information
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Dialogues with young people and teenagers about the impacts of misinformation

The general objective of the project is to improve the democratic strengthening and critical capacity of young people and teenagers through digital media literacy. This literacy will enable them to reflect on the use of information, technologies, and their impacts on their perspectives and future outlook.

The project begins with guided visits to the exhibition "The City of Disinformation." These visits involve interactive activities and discussions facilitated by educators and young people. The purpose is to share knowledge about disinformation, the impact of fake news, and the interests and strategies behind their dissemination.

In the second phase, a call will be opened for young people and teenagers who have visited the exhibition, inviting them to participate in a citizen dialogue. The aim of this dialogue is to discuss and reflect on the impact of misinformation on their current social perceptions and future visions. The outcomes of these dialogues will be documented and transferred to the Open Spaces instance developed with the open-source software Decidim.