Digital solutions for 21st-century democracy.
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Pokecode is a newly created project focused on offering digital solutions for a better democracy, specifically targeting the Decidim community. Decidim is a citizen participation platform promoted by the Barcelona City Council.

The Decidim community is diverse, consisting of individuals from various backgrounds and areas of expertise. However, there is currently a lack of female programmers within the community, and this can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the Ruby on Rails technology, which is utilized by Decidim, is not currently the most popular or trendy technology. Secondly, there is a learning curve for programmers with a technological background due to the project's existence for over five years. Lastly, many organizations still hold a prevailing culture that views open-source projects as a disadvantage rather than an advantage, as they perceive it as a loss of sovereignty. Furthermore, the coding community itself faces a gender bias, resulting in less inclusive and diverse regulatory frameworks and dynamics within code-related communities.

Pokecode aims to address these three issues by taking proactive steps.