Live coding as a creative technique in the audiovisual, critical approach in technology and research process

Toplap Barcelona is a collective that works with and promotes live coding as a creative technique in audiovisual creation, as a critical approach to technology and as a research process. Live coding is a performative practice, created in real time by writing code. This methodology makes code a fundamental part of the execution program and of the artistic work.

The code is projected, allowing the public to see the development of the program and accessing, so to speak, the thoughts of the writer. Live coding visualizes the score, is a vehicle for the interpretation of music and algorithmic images, and transforms the compositional process into a live event, externalizing it. Live coding promotes organically the development of community work tools, as an alternative to technological and cultural consumption.

At the Canòdrom, TopLap brings together everyone interested in the intersection between culture and open source technology, as well as offers workshops on live coding, scratching and much more, open to all.