Citizen science and democratic participation

Summer notebooks
Quaderns d'estiu: Ciència ciutadana

Are you involved in a participatory process with citizens? Would you like to apply citizen science methodologies? Out of the laboratory, into the heart of the neighbourhood: citizen science moves away from more conventional laboratories, and invites all interested people to take part in research they are passionate about.

From mental health to the environmental improvement of our cities: citizen science has so much potential that it can be applied when designing participatory processes of any kind. In this session we will design processes that respond to real social concerns of citizens, that put citizens at the core of deciding what they want to influence.

During this session:

  • We will learn what citizen science is all about.
  • We will learn about some examples of citizen science applied by some of the Canòdrom residences.
  • We will learn how we can apply it in active participation processes or for planning.