Right to Digital Gaming | 3rd Meeting in Defense of Digital Rights in Video Games

Dret al joc

Video games are one of the most influential media today. However, despite being a cultural product, as well as a high-impact technological product, it has traditionally been left out of both the struggles for digital rights and the mechanisms for promoting culture and public policies, which have recently take their first steps.

Data extractivism, use of dark design patterns that generate addictive behaviors, lack of transparency in algorithmic products, systematic harassment in multiplayer worlds or lack of diversity, precariousness and absence of labor and union rights in the industry.

There are many reasons that lead us to open the debate on the defense of digital rights in the gaming industry. In this third conference we bring together different public agents and those from the gaming sector to rethink how to change the industry from within.

Organizes: ArsGames, resident project at the Canòdrom.