Lives intersected by technology at Docs Hedy Lamarr 2024


Cinema, science, technology, and feminisms come together in the Docs Hedy Lamarr 2024 documentary film series, which takes place at the Canòdrom -Center For Digital and democratic Innovation during June. This fourth edition, we explore the physical effects of technology beyond digital life: from how violence is exerted on feminized bodies to how people reclaim technology and organize to assert their rights.

Separating between digital life and physical life is already an unthinkable matter. The effects that the Internet and technology have on people’s lives are more visible than ever. An irrefutable example is the violence suffered by women and non-binary people online, but also by activists who dedicate themselves to denouncing the violations of states and technological corporations. And it’s because technology is also crossed by the same structures of oppression of capitalist society.

The protagonists of Docs Hedy Lamarr 2024 show us that through organization and community we can reverse these logics: despite the flagrant violations, we can reclaim technology and assert our rights. In Another Body, we follow the story of Taylor, a university student who discovers fake pornography of herself circulating on the Internet; in Remember my Name, we discover the collective revolution through the dance of a group of unaccompanied minors in Melilla; and in the double projection of the short films Terror Contagion and Quipu Project, we will learn about two communities that have suffered abuse from governments and corporations, but also how they have used technology to confront it.

We await you at the Canòdrom’s outdoor cinema space to enjoy the three screenings from the Docs Hedy Lamarr 2024 series:

  • Door opening, 9:00 PM
  • Starting time, 9:30 PM
  • Free access with prior registration.

June 7, 9:00 pm | Another Body

  • Sophie Compton i Reuben Hamlyn, Estats Units, 2023, 1 h 20 min.
  • Edat recomanada: +18
  • Versió original en anglès subtitulada al català

90% of deepfake content created with Artificial Intelligence is non-consensual pornography starring women. Based on this shocking fact, this documentary immerses us in the story of one of these women: a 23-year-old student whose face she found vandalized and perpetrated on the Internet.

Taylor is a college student who tries to seek justice after discovering fake pornography of herself circulating on the Internet. While we investigate with her who is the person responsible, we enter the manosphere of the Internet and observe how technology amplifies sexist violence in our society. But also how the protagonist uses technology to her advantage.

Presentation with the criminal lawyer specialized in male violence Sònia Ricondo of Nèmesi Advocades and Sara Borrella, communication manager of Canòdrom and member of the Online Feminist Self-Defense Network

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June 14, 9:00 pm | Especial curts: Terror Contagion and Quipu Project

Special session with the double screening of the shorts Terror Contagion and Quipu Project, through which we will learn about two communities that have suffered abuse from governments and corporations, but also how they have used technology to confront it. Presentation by Carlos Bajo, head of Oxfam Intermón‘s Digital Justice work line; Carlos Diaz, researcher at the Observatori de Drets Humans i Empreses a la Mediterrània of Suds and Novact; and Mar Escarrabill, responsible for the community link and research in Canòdrom.

Terror Contagion

  • Laura Poitras, United States, 2021, 25 min.
  • Recommended age: +12
  • Original version with Spanish subtitles

Laura Poitras, director of Citizen Four, raises her voice in the midst of COVID lockdown to denounce the violence and violation of human rights by the cyber surveillance company NSO Group. Brian Eno’s music immerses us in an atmosphere of terror and accompanies the investigation of Forensic Architecture, a research group that has been denouncing the abuse of power by governments and private corporations in the digital world for years.

A visual study by award-winning director Laura Poitras of the cyber surveillance company NSO Group, responsible for the Pegasus software that spies on journalists, political dissidents and activists around the world. Despite the increase in complaints, NSO Group continues to act with total impunity.

Quipu: Calls for Justice

  • Rosemarie Lerner and Maria Court, 2017, Peru, 21 min.
  • Recommended age: +12
  • Original version with Spanish subtitles

Esperanza and Teodula ask for justice in rural Peru, after being forcibly sterilized more than 18 years ago, during the Fujimori government. The Quipu Project is a telephone line that allows victims from all over the country to share their shocking testimonies, to avoid impunity for those responsible.

A case of using technology and video to mobilize communities affected by human rights violations by governments. More than 300,000 Peruvian citizens, predominantly poor and indigenous women, were subjected to forced sterilization. The program has been widely described as ethnic cleansing.

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June 28, 9:00 pm | Remember my Name

  • Elena Molina, Spain, 2023, 1 h 17 min.
  • Recommended age: +12
  • Original version with Catalan subtitles

After crossing the fence of Melilla from Morocco, Ihsen enters the reception center for nuns for unaccompanied minors, where Asia and Múnia also live. Hamza turns 18 and must leave the children’s center. They all left alone in Melilla, but found a new family: the NANA dance group. One day, the company is selected to participate in a talent show, but the television dream vanishes like a plume when it returns to Melilla.

To the rhythm of dance and pop music, we follow the months of hard work of this group of unaccompanied minors in Melilla with name and surname. A social documentary by the director Elena Molina that departs from the reportage style with which a subject like immigration is normally focused, and carefully explains their daily live.

Presentation by director Elena Molina, who urgently proposes to turn around the hate speech that feeds on their situation.

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