Ràdio Canòdrom kicks off by strengthening collective ties against poverty


The first live episode of Ràdio Canòdrom features six voices reflecting on the importance of bonds and public structures in supporting individuals in vulnerable situations amidst the wave of digital hatred. This immersive and musically-accompanied podcast will be celebrated on May 24th and is part of the exhibition 'The Home of Absences' by ECAS, in collaboration with XRCB.

Currently, 25% of the Catalan population lives in poverty. According to recent data, Spain is, in fact, the European country with the highest number of tenants at risk of poverty due to rising rents. Furthermore, the current digital divide affects 32% of households, with situations of vulnerability present in up to 40%, as highlighted in a report by the Fundació Ferrer i Guàrdia. In this context, instead of valuing social structures and mutual support networks that provide refuge for vulnerable individuals, we are witnessing the normalization of the presence and content of hate monetizers on social media and digital platforms. Why are we disconnecting from the need for a welfare state to exist? Can we find solutions through care technology? Amidst hate speech, how do we make visible the collaborative networks that contribute to the creation of collective homes?

Friday, May 24th at 6:30 pm, we will address this issue with “A Collective Home: Proposals to Shelter Against Aporophobia and Digital Hate, an immersive podcast session accompanied by music, coinciding with the first episode of the new Ràdio Canòdrom and the inauguration of the exhibition “The Home of Absences” by ECAS. The installation, designed by Domestic Data Streamers to mark the federation’s twenty-year anniversary, visually demonstrates what it means to live day by day without certain basic resources to ensure a dignified life.


Finding Refuge Amid the Wave of Digital Hate

Six voices come together to shape a collective narrative around the multiple impacts of poverty materialized through the fundamental idea of home: Pol Andiñach analyzes hate speech in the digital sphere on the Cuellilargo channel; Samu Céspedes, a non-binary artist, domestic worker, and member of Sindillar; Mar Vidal accompanies vulnerable individuals through the Secretariado Gitano; and Mariona Puigdellívol from ECAS and Montse Santolino from LaFede.cat are part of organizations working for international cooperation, peace, and human rights. The podcast is hosted by Laura Aznar Llucià, a journalist from CRÍTIC and collaborator of TV3, Cadena SER, RAC1, and Catalunya Ràdio. DJ TUTU, pseudonym of Gemma Planell, accompanies them with music, weaving a sonic thread with her unique way of storytelling.

With the aim of combating social exclusion, media hegemony, and the growing presence of hate speech on social media, the live podcast “A Collective Home” seeks to be a space for experimentation where coexistence, empathy, and respect are promoted in the face of existing inequalities in society. In this collective home, not only is tolerance and constructive dialogue fostered, but there is also an invitation to build a space where the community finds refuge and mutual support against poverty and social exclusion to ensure dignified lives.

The home of absences

What’s missing in the home of someone experiencing poverty? The live podcast is a parallel activity to the exhibition “The Home of Absencesby ECAS, which can be visited at Canòdrom until Friday, June 7th. In this installation, we enter a simplified house that portrays the reality of poverty through numbers and the objects that are present, or absent.

It’s an installation that helps create a physical space for dialogue and reflection around the topics addressed in the social indicators reports in Catalunya. In addition to physically visualizing data in the space, you can enter the house of absences and voice your opinion: vote, debunk myths, or look at the issues from an angle that fosters empathy.

The exhibition is open for free visits from May 24th to June 7th, on weekday afternoons from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Additionally, guided tours are available for groups, which can be requested via activitats@canodrom.barcelona.

New Ràdio Canòdrom

Ràdio Canòdrom aims to serve as a loudspeaker for the inclusive community, becoming a prominent space in technology and democracy. The project emerges as a beacon of connection and expression for the digital rights community linked to the technological and democratic enclave that Canòdrom represents in the city of Barcelona.

In this first chapter of “A Collective Home” we have the collaboration of the Xarxa de Ràdios Comunitàries (XRCB), a digital platform for radio, podcasting, and open-source streaming for the common good. This radio station and community of radio projects are managed by the guifi.net /exo.cat community in Barcelona with the support of the Cultura Viva program of the Ajuntament de Barcelona.”