The Tradition of Popular Athenaeums in Barcelona

Summer notebooks

Today in Barcelona the athenaeums continue to play a role in the city. Popular Athenaeums, manufacturing Athenaeums... The Canòdrom takes its name to reflect its open, participatory, self-organised and transforming character. They have been a key space for its struggles and transformations, a meeting, leisure and training space for organised society.

We will learn about this history of the city, its struggles and its spaces of transformation from Dolors Marín, a historian specialising in the formation of libertarian culture in Catalonia and the organisation of anarchist affinity groups. We will open our gaze by opening the dialogue towards feminisms with Joana Garcia Grenzner, journalist and researcher specialising in feminist movements, and towards the articulating capacity of the cooperative movement and the solidarity economy with Ivan Miró.

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