The Land of the Internet

El país d'Internet

Accept the terms and conditions and enter the land of the Internet: the largest in the world with 4.66 billion inhabitants, and of which you are most likely already a citizen.

We imagine this country in an ethereal and intangible cloud, but in fact has undeniable planetary effects. Internet is the third country that consumes the most electricity annually. A territory ruled by oligarchs from 7 big tech companies that control a great part of Internet's infrastructure, and squeeze the very last drop of the citizens who decide to use their services. A country with its own currency, and with a unique culture marked by immediacy and absolute freedom to create and share, but also to attack and spread fear.

A land where there are people with great power, but also many movements of resistance and construction of democratic digital spaces to become citizens with full rights.

Welcome and to the land of the Internet.

Hashtag XXSS