Night of Memories

As part of the Festival of the Congrés i els Indians neighbourhood, we celebrate a day of recovery and collective construction of the popular memory of the Canòdrom. The Night of Memories materializes a work process of many months with agents of the neighborhood and the community. A day of celebration, community and vindication of the daily memories of the neighborhood, vital and sometimes left aside by the official history.

Escape Room: STEM Secret Agency

Welcome to the Canòdrom, secret STEM agents. We were waiting for you. The doors of the Canòdrom have closed, and you only have 45 minutes to solve the enigma, decipher the messages and find the solution.

Luckily, you won't be alone. You will have the help of some of the most brilliant minds in history: Ada Lovelace, Margarita Salas, Marie Curie or Hedy Lamarr are just a few. Do you dare to enter?

Family activity with young people from 8 years old.

Biennial of Thought

The Biennial of Thought is a moment to discuss which is the role of cities regarding the great challenges of contemporary society. This third edition reflects on the terms of democracy, climate change, technology and the future of cities.

Digital Barriers: AI + ART for ACTIVISM

Not having quality access to the Internet means being excluded from society. Whether we like it or not, everything is digitized: from doing school homework, to get through paperwork with the Administration, or even contacting relatives remotely. But Internet access is not guaranteed equally to all citizens.

Although the official accounts say that the future and innovation are based on the digitization of life, social movements warn otherwise: a one-way turn towards the digitization of citizenship leaves many people behind.

Right to Digital Gaming | 3rd Meeting in Defense of Digital Rights in Video Games

Video games are one of the most influential media today. However, despite being a cultural product, as well as a high-impact technological product, it has traditionally been left out of both the struggles for digital rights and the mechanisms for promoting culture and public policies, which have recently take their first steps.

Opening up and democratising culture

One of the questions that arises from spaces that generate critical and transformative cultural proposals is that of elaborating an open quality cultural proposal. Understanding cultural centres as porous spaces, permeable to what is happening in our environment is a clear political position, a commitment to understanding culture in a more holistic way.