Artificial Intelligence, Public Policies and Discrimination

The automation of public and human services based on theoretically neutral and objective criteria can streamline complex procedures that might take months. Currently, algorithms are being applied to determine who attains needed resources. What are the effects of applying automated systems rather than humans in decision-making? What biases are we facing? Is it possible to imagine public governance of artificial intelligence systems?

City of Disinformation

In the City of Disinformation you never know what is true and what is false. Explore the city, go through every corner and walk through a maze of endless news to learn how to identify and combat fake news.

Nowadays, anyone can publish a piece of news and have it received on thousands of devices in a matter of seconds, without validating its veracity. How much news do you receive on your phone a day? Which are true, and which are built on a big lie?

Sudoers Barcelona

Sudoers is a group of system sysadmins who meet to exchange experiences, tools and practices.

From classic systems administration to DevOps practices, CI/CD tools, configuration management, etc. Through talks or conferences, interesting tools are shared, as well as case studies, with the aim to apply free tools in Linux or BSD environments.

The meetings are promoted at the Canòdrom through the FemProcomuns collaborating project.

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From Scratch

On the last Thursday of every month, the Toplap Barcelona collective meets for a live coding jam session where the artists have exactly 9 minutes to create their work, starting with a blank screen. At the end of the time the audience is obliged to applaud.

  • Do you want to come as an audience? Free entry
  • Want to play at the jam session? Write an email to


Canòdrom Meridiana

What does democracy mean in 2023? How do we participate in the day-to-day issues that affect us? Are you worried about the drift of technology and what big tech do with our data? How do we understand culture in the digital era? At whose service it is?