Unified Administration: An Option in WordPress Multisite?

When tackling the task of creating and managing multiple WordPress installations with similar features, many have considered and even used WordPress Multisite. 

If you've worked with it before, you probably know the challenges and complexities it presents. Despite these difficulties, there are currently alternatives that offer more efficient and straightforward management.

One promising option is centralized management, which aims to combine the benefits of WordPress Multisite while minimizing its drawbacks and challenges


Three, two, one... revolution!

Games, much like any form of cultural creation, carry intentions and consequences. Through them, we can either perpetuate inequalities or forge new realities. We extend an invitation to you, urging you to engage in a critical and feminist exploration of games such as Nobel Run, Little Office, Good Night Stories for Rebellious Girls, and more!

Will you join us for a play session? Discover the realm of feminist board games with Revoludica.

Critical pedagogy for artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is currently experiencing its peak in media popularity and usage. It is being employed in major media newsrooms and offices for grant writing. Furthermore, it plays a role in administrative tasks, such as evaluating applications for social assistance. It even accompanies us at home by providing suggestions for TV series that might pique our interest. On the streets, it is utilized to identify individuals who could potentially disrupt public peace.