Cibernàrium Canòdrom

Do you need a space to resolve all your doubts about technology and the internet? Do you want to learn and get started with basic tools and software? At the Canòdrom you will find the Cibernàrium de Barcelona Activa courses, with which you can learn to do all this and much more for free!

The Cibernàrium Canòdrom is the only one in Barcelona that works with free software. Learn about alternatives in the programs of large technology companies and obtain a more critical and ethical perspective of the tools

Don't think twice and come to the Canòdrom!

Digital Fasting: De-Google Your Mind

We can count on one hand the number of years we've had smartphones in our pockets. In a short span of time, these devices have profoundly changed our lives. The consequences are well-known: constantly being connected prevents us from taking breaks to rest. Furthermore, the most downloaded applications are making us increasingly suspicious. In exchange for a seemingly free product that simplifies our lives, enormous technological empires are being constructed.

Crea un directori usant WordPress i Camps Personalitzats (ACF)

WordPress natively provides us with the ability to manage both pages and posts, meaning static content and dynamic content. But it doesn't stop there. We can natively extend these types of content, and if we also use third-party plugins, we can take this functionality even further to the point of being able to create a directory of cars, real estate, music albums, etc.